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  1. If you don't have a prop change kit.... you need one. The Prop Shop has a great deal going while supplies last. $70 for the entire kit, and if you mention Wake Garage, they will also throw in a beer coozie. https://propshopinc.com/Wakeboard-Ski-Boat-Prop-Puller-Kit-w-Puller-Prop-Nut-Prop-Wrench-Case-3-4-1-1-8-p828.html Kit Includes Prop Puller Nyloc Prop Nut Prop Wrench Rustproof Carrying Case Hope this helps!
  2. Wake Garage

    NSS style device for 210

    Yes, three completed projects gets you a hat. We will PM instructions. Thanks for posting the final installs! Will be helpful and probably inspire members for sure.
  3. Even though we could only have one winner for the drawing (Kaneboats) in May, the rest of us have a chance to save a little on Glide products in June. Just call them directly, say you are a Wake Garage member and they will give 10% off for the month of June. If you need a dripless shaft seal or strut bearings, etc., give them a call. Hope that helps!
  4. Want effortless, hidden ballast weight to fine tune a wake? Wake Garage and Lead Wake teamed up for a 10% discount on purchases of Lead Wake bags for any configuration less than 10 bags, as well as free shipping. If you want more than 10 bags, you'll get their standard public discount anyway. Go to www.leadwake.com and enter "WG10" into the discount code when checking out. Enjoy. From Lead Wake: These bags can be placed in just about any spot on your boat, including the glove box. The bags contain 100% recycled steel material. Sewn into the inside is a load dispersing high density foam core to protect not only the bag, but your boat as well. The custom designed bags are easy to shift around in your boat to clean up any wake. Tired of asking your boat crew to get up and move to the other side?….just grab a couple bags and move them to adjust that wake. Does your boat have small compartments that won’t allow a “big” water ballast bag? My Lead Wake bags can be stacked and placed in tight spaces. At a density of 9x that of water, just a few bags can replace those space consuming water bags.
  5. Sorry... we had accidentally "locked" this thread after the deadline. Congrats to @Kaneboats. We will do more contests soon. Please let us know, kaneboats, how you like the GMSS kit if you end up installing it anytime in near future. Glide was great to deal with.
  6. CONGRATULATIONS TO..... Kaneboats! You won the 1st Wake Garage drawing! Special thanks to Glide Bearing Systems for hooking us up with a GMSS Kit!!! For those that didn't win, please keep Glide in mind for future upgrades. Best in the industry. @Kaneboats Please also pick a Wake Garage decal color and you get one of those as well. Thanks everyone for participating. We will have more. This was cool.
  7. Entry for the drawing is now closed. Good luck to everyone who participated! Awesome looking boats in here. Drawing will be done by June 2nd, the winner will be emailed and announced here.
  8. @Bubonic -- We just updated to newer software version... could be a bug. Try going back to "edit" at the bottom, and try to upload again. If you have trouble again PM Wake Garage or Rugger and we'll contact the company. Settings look fine. Great project and we want to see the final pics! Thanks
  9. To enter... post a reply below with a picture of your boat and/or at least your boat's year, make and model. Must enter to win. Great system that will upgrade almost any boat.... I wish site admins could enter.
  10. PRODUCT GIVEAWAY FOR WAKE GARAGE MEMBERS ONLY Ends 5/31/18 Glide Bearings has recognized Wake Garage and its members helping each other upgrade and maintain our boats -- and they stepped up to reward you. We will have a drawing at the end of the month, and one lucky member will receive a complete dripless shaft seal system, the GMSS Kit. Great upgrade. Glide Bearings is one of the very best in the industry, used by the top boat builders including: MB, NXT, Tige, Axis, Supreme, Correct Craft, Centurion, Malibu, and MasterCraft. The GMSS kit will completely upgrade any boat with its advanced system for years of trouble-free operation. Swap out your old bronze stuffing / packing box with a modern, high performance dripless system. Winner can choose between 1" or 1.125" shaft size, depending on your boat. Includes Shaft Seal, Hump Hose, & Install Tool - Winner to choose between 1" or 1.125" shaft size (depending on your boat) - Exclusive GLIDE 100 Polymer dripless system - Seal Vault face plate with 2-axis seal retention - 316 SS fasteners for installation - Double lip seal, 100% TFE Teflon Seal - Slide & Lock grooves for added hose retention - Reinforced silicone rubber "Hump Hose" with stainless steel hose clamps - 3/8" x 6' reinforced water supply hose with hose clamps - "T" Connector - Glide Bearings decal - Wake Garage domed decal Read more about the system: Glide-GMSS-Flyer.pdf and http://www.glidebearings.com/marine.php . We also had a member upgrade his boat with the Glide system in the projects database: HERE'S HOW YOU ENTER... - Enter for the drawing by posting a reply in the thread below. Just post a picture of your boat - or tell us what year/make/model you have and you're in. - Wake Garage members must sign up (reply below) to participate in the drawing before midnight, 5/31/18 to be eligible. Signing up will earn a single (1) entry count. May only sign up one time. - Members who have posted a projects to the Completed Projects database by midnight 5/31/18 will also earn an additional (1) entry count for each project submitted, up to a max of three projects (max 3 additional entries). Projects already submitted prior to this announcement will count. So the maximum entry count for a single member is four (1 for sign up, plus 3 for three or more posted projects). That's right... helping others increases your chances. - Drawing to take place June 2nd, 2018. Winner to be notified by email and announced on Wake Garage. - Professional dealers/installers showcasing their customers’ boats on Wake Garage are not eligible for the prize, but are welcome to encourage their customers to participate as individual members. Wake Garage administrators area also not eligible for drawing. - Rules subject to change at any time as needed by Wake Garage and/or Glide Bearings & Seal Systems. Good luck!
  11. Wake Garage

    Centurion Enzo tank to bag upgrade

    That would be awesome. You can choose "edit", "upload images" and then use the "+" sign to insert each image in between text, in whichever order your choose in your project. To limit potential broken image links within this community, we chose to purchase more server space so users can upload images directly to their project. You still have the ability to come back and delete any or all images as needed, which permanently removes them. I apologize if this doesn't meet your needs, but it does provide less chance of broken image links (like photobucket fiasco) and less time and hassle to track down bad links for our members. Cheers!