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    Wake Logic GC1

    The Wake Logic GC1 is the first standalone GPS-based control unit that can automatically extend/retract actuators based on speed.  That means it works perfectly with your homemade surf devices with powered actuators, as well as many other applications.   Simply choose which side you want to engage with a switch, and the Wake Logic GC1 will automatically extend the actuators just prior to surf speed, and then retract them when you slow or go too fast.   It's also customizable for virtually many other applications.

    Wake Logic's GC1 is now available for purchase!   For purchase info contact: matt@wakelogic.com


    Here's an excerpt from the Wake Logic GC1 user guide:  

    The Wake Logic GC1 was designed as a generic controller that can fire outputs based on a speed input that is read via a GPS Receiver. The system can fire up to two outputs based on speed or manual user input. The system was designed to interface to 12VDC electrical actuators that extend when applied 12VDC and retract when applied with -12VDC. The outputs are 12VDC rated and can provide 15 amps per output. The outputs will toggle between a +12V and -12V output in order to extend and retract actuators as the unit crossed speed threshold set-up by the user. This manual will go over installing the GC1 System in three different applications.

    The first application for the GC1 is a surf controller that would control a right and left surf device designed and mounted by the user. It uses an upper and lower speed limit. The system will deploy the surf devices when the boat is between the upper and lower speed limit if they have been armed by the user. It will retract the devices when outside that speed zone. The devices can also be toggled between while the boat is in the surf zone in order to transfer the wave from one side of the boat to another while underway. The system can also be operated manually with switches without using the speed feature while in maintenance mode.

    The second application is for a skier-down flag that would be mounted to a boat and attached to an actuator so that when extended, the flag is raised; and when retracted, it is stowed into a tube or other device that makes it hidden from view. The system will retract the flag as the boat crosses a user configured speed and extends the flag when the boat is below that speed to indicate a skier is down. This function can be armed and disarmed as well as ran manually.

    The third application is for an automotive spoiler that would be mounted to a car or truck and attached to an actuator. When the actuator is extended, the spoiler is raised. When the actuator is retracted, it is stowed into the car or flush with the car. The system will extend the spoiler as the vehicle crosses a user configured speed and retracts the spoiler when the vehicle is below that speed. This function can be armed and disarmed as well as ran manually.

    Since the GC1 has been designed as a generic controller that allows the user to configure the time the outputs are on, the speeds they are actuated, and many other system parameters, there are many other applications the GC1 could be used for. For instance, it could be set-up for actuating a camera record button when exceeding a speed and then actuating the same button when coming back below that speed to stop recording. The GC1 System can be used to actuate up to two devices at any speed. If you have an idea or application for the GC1 and would like to discuss it with us, feel free to give us a call or send an email. The GC1 also includes a wireless key fob that allows arming/actuating the device from anywhere within 100 feet of the GC1 Controller possible.

    The GC1 ships with software that will display surf application messages on the LCD. The software can be used for any application right out of the box but if you would like the messages customized for your application contact us for an application specific CPU chip. The chip can be easily swapped out by Wake Logic or the end user. 

    To read more, check out the full version of the Wake Logic GC1 manual.


    *Wake Garage does not produce the Wake Logic GC1.  The GC1 is a product of Wake Logic Limited.  All product and purchasing support will be directed to Wake Logic.  Thanks.

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