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  • Blacked Out Brand and Model Logos

    • Year: 2008 Brand: Moomba Model / Trim: Mobius LSV Cost: $0-$249 DIY or Professional Install: (unspecified)

    I stripped the big tribal Mobius decal off my boat a couple years back and was just running nekked for a while.  I had purchased some aftermarket chrome MOOMBA letters and a chrome LSV and a transom decal as well.  Well, the chrome MOOMBA ones looked really bad and were kind of pock marked or hammered metal looking so I took them off.  The smaller ones looked fine so I left them on.  Anyway, plasti-dip started getting really popular.  I decided to try to put the big letters back on and plasti-dip them black.  I had put a black stripe on years before and thought with my black bimini and black Exile speakers they might look really cool.  I am VERY happy with the result.  I encourage anyone to try this.  Great thing is if you change your mind you can just peel the plasti-dip right back off.  And, if you get dock rash you can repaint easily as well.  Here's the before and after.  What do you think?







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    I like the black letters.  Nice touch.  Funny too,  I just posted a question in shop talk about wanting to do something similar.  Did you have to buy adhesive tape for the logos, or were they new and already had it?  Looks great!

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