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    Exhaust mod/ cav plate mod

    • Year: 2015 Brand: MB Sports Model / Trim: B52-23 Cost: $250-$499 Engine Type: Indamar Ford Rapter 400

    So in 2015, I had built my own FAE and it was a major improvement over the stock exhaust. But....I saw the Silent Stinger for Centurion and I liked the concept. The exhaust is routed through a chamber in the cav plate and mixed with water before exhausting. So, I had to see if I could do something similar. My first attempt, I tried to set it up like Centurion. (First 2 pics) but on testing, I found that the small holes caused foaming in the wave. Also, the outlet port on the bottom wasn't angled enough and with the cav plate down, I actually plugged up the exhaust enough that I blew a hose by the cats.

    so, I went back to the drawing board and did some redesigning. I cut out the bottom plate and made a new one that exhausts back and down instead of just a straight down nozzle. I also plugged off all of the small holes after these pics. It works good. My surf wave is clean, no FAE Roostertail at high speed, no exhaust in the face like factory did, and cav plate still functions as one. Next 4 pics

    last pic is the FAE that I made and replaced:))














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    That is sweet!  I loved the concept when I saw Centurion's announcement.   Unfortunately for me I have Malibu's power wedge to deal with...   I do like using the wedge and it's adjustments, but it'd be awful hard to create exhaust like this with the wedge.   Nice job on both projects, Jeffo!  

    Was the rooster tail the only disadvantage to the FAE style pipe?  The plate is cooler for sure, but just curious.

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    Cool, I was looking to do this if I buy a 2017 Moomba Craz.

    Do you have any pics of the bottom of the centurion stinger plate? I can't find any that show the bottom online? 

    Also, I thought I read that the water has an intake into the stinger (from below) and then mixes and goes out the holes and back of plate. I don't understand how the water gets in there. 

    I also don't see how the exhaust actually gets underwater. Or does it just get diffused at water level and stay low so surfers don't breathe it. Would be awesome to somehow get a smoke bomb in there and see where the exhaust goes. 

    Maybe some of that winterizing fogger spray? 

    Any videos from looking down on DIY stinger from swim step? 

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    I found some pics that show the bottom. I figure it will help someone else here. It looks like two small pipes on bottom are intake. 

    and maybe they have some baffles inside to act as muffler. 



    Cent Ri257 exhaust plate.jpg

    Cent Ri257 exhaust plate2.jpg

    Cent Ri257 silent stinger exhaust plate2.jpg

    Cent Ri257 silent stinger exhaust plate3.jpg

    silent stinger exhaust 2.jpeg

    silent stinger exhaust.jpeg

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