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    MB Surf tab mod

    • Year: 2015 Brand: MB Sports Model / Trim: B52-23 Device Type : Other Surf Device Material: Stainless Steel Control: Powered with Automated Controller Cost: (unspecified) Installation Shop: I did Platform Type: Fiberglass

    So when I bought my 2015 B52, it had factory surf system, MB Switch Gen 2. It produced a good wave but not great...(to me).

    i read all of the threads about the slappers and knew that the Ghetto Gate worked well on my Sanger V230.

    i wanted the slapper effect, but I wanted to use what I had on hand, not buy more stuff and throw out the brand new existing!

    so, I sat behind Blue for hours trying to come up with an idea that was cost effective and not too labor intensive.

    first, I made a plywood mockup to check angles and motion.

    then I broke out my trusty plasma and TIG gear and got to work.

    i already had some 3/16" stainless on hand. So I cut out a plate to replace the factory one and another in the shape of the slapper. I welded it up then used 3/8" stainless tubing to make the hinge-half. I pulled the existing hinge pin and dropped the factory plate and replaced it with my new one( on each side). 

    So I kept the Factor actuators and brackets and the hinge-half that was already mounted to the boat. It also uses the factory controller.

    engage at 7 disengage at 15 or at stop. It drops in from a 45 deg. Angle and the slapper is set at app. 28 deg. To clear the swimstep when up.IMG_0434.thumb.JPG.86d4f502a0330ae714217045505c05b4.JPGIMG_0437.thumb.JPG.4d33d953fd9a37a8379e8920e68abe0c.JPGIMG_0440.thumb.JPG.35f802abd5f300165c04eccacbbc046e.JPGIMG_0445.thumb.JPG.3c3910ec3f373bbd8d2cbfdea3b6ca5e.JPGIMG_0449.thumb.JPG.e2c1774f8690b023d06f3cf69b0052c2.JPGIMG_0302.JPG.073b2851c8d005845582d60b2af82d97.JPGIMG_0218.JPG.11f9f663e082a6354cc280c10a95d2bd.JPG

    im much happier with the wave on both sides.

    I later added hdpe to them to look a little better and increase the size


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    User Feedback

    Now I finally see how it works!!  Take one more pic with it down from the back and it will make more sense. 

    I see you have a lot of exhaust steam on your regular side.  You should do something about that!!  LOL

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    Yes it is up when not deployed and I've heard that comment before. But there have been no issues at all. 

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