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  • Surf Board Rack

    • Cost: $0-$249 DIY or Professional Install: I installed it / created it Material used: Other

    As my board inventory goes up I needed somewhere to store the things. 

    So I drew up a rack system in cad...

    Plasma cut from 1/8" cold rolled steel 


    Then bent on the press brake, countersunk and brushed: 


    Then they went to the powder oven for a coat of black:


    And then they got the edges covered in automotive rubber door trim stuff and mounted on the wall. 


    Turned out great I think. 

    I put some holes in the bottom as well to hang lifejackets etc from whenever it gets moved out of my closet and into my shop that's yet to be built haha. 

    Holds 6 board including my walnut one whose build is documented here as well. 



    Doing it again I think I could make the spacing between boards an inch or so smaller and make the whole thing a bit shorter but it works great as is. 

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