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  • Baltic Burch surf

    • Cost: $0-$249 DIY or Professional Install: I installed it / created it Material used: Wood

    I’ve been making longboards for awhile so when it came time to make a wakesurf board- I basically made a big version of a longboard. Several renditions later, I’ve leared a lot. The boards have 4 layers Baltic Burch glued together with tightbond  3. My early boards had 4 hollow chambers- my latest “Jimi” board is foam core with FCS surf boxes.  Sorry I don’t have pictures of the press when I shape the nose and hold everything together.  “Jimi” was hand stenciled and measures 55” long and 20” wide.  Pad kit and fins are from amazon.  The smaller board was my first one. It measures 49”- basically a skimmer.  The skim board is a good kids board but the shape I’ve discovered is no good for real surfing. “Jimi”, however, rips!! Slight shape and flat tail  provides a ton of push and is very responsive!  My favorite board for sure.  I have  “legit purchased” boards too.... basically to please my kids so they don’t have to always ride a board that dad made. Oh- it also fits in the wakeboard racks and the  thick boards do not- so that’s a plus.  








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    12 hours ago, Playjay said:

    That’s awesome. Big Hendrix fan. With the flat tail u get huge push??  I think that’s where I’m going wrong. 

    Thanks - Is the bottom of your board flat? The board next to Hendrix was made with a lot “belly” - kind of like the hull of a boat.  I thought it would add stability..... which it did but also added a ton of drag.   So when the Hendrix board was made, I went flat bottom and wide flat tail- the difference was extremely noticeable. Pretty interesting since I made them both from the same materials.  So if the bottom of your board is rounded, I’d imagine  that could slow down the response.  

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    The padding on the board pictured is from Amazon. Although, this may sound weird, I have used yoga mats - just contact cement them in place.  Way cheaper than the legit EVA padding.  The wake skate padding is yoga mat and is about 4 years old.  Other than the rope marks on the edges it has held up awesome.   


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    Sorry - let me clarify.  The padding on the Hendrix board is from Amazon- I believe it was about $30.  The padding on the the wake skate that was just posted is yoga mat.  Then, I just remembered, I also used some material called Soleflex- it is used in the shoe repair business.  It comes in 1/8” up to half inch thick.  It is super strong and I would say high quality. It is pictured on the rooster board- the large front pad.  Hopefully this helps.  Let me know if I can help any more.


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