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  1. I have a 24ve the same era and looks identical inside but bigger. What did you use to trim around that gap between the floor and bulkhead? Looks great!
  2. 1- did you use the gelcoat with wax? 2- do you have to lay primer down first? I seen another one of these writeups where he didnt do that.. 3-bondoglass worked well for u? I used some marine filler in a few spots but may need more and am about out if it so bondoglass/kittyhair was my next thought. Im most of the way thru doing this to an 07tige 24ve and its been such a pain to get all that glue out and the panel being too small( i got some nice weatherstripping that seals up the gal but kinda want an hdpe door now- thanks 😒) i was wanting to do a nice write up but looks like you’
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