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  1. Thanks for the comments guys, the C5 should haul the mail. Its all together now, still some kinks to work out, gotta swap to a LS3 intake and flip it 180 for dog house clearance. Runs pretty good but still gotta find time to tune the Holley EFI.
  2. I know the age old debate of LS vs SBC power goes on and on, for a variety of reasons I decided that I wanted to build a LSx for my Skier resto-mod project. What I'm hoping to cover in this thread is the build of the motor and the parts that are needed to bolt it up to a Velvet Drive, then how to install the set-up into an '84 Skier. To my knowledge this hasn't been done, so bear with me, I'll be figuring stuff out as I go. Tons of LSx swap info as far as cars go, in my mind I have it all figured out, but time will tel. I'm not gonna go into too much detail about actually building the motor, t
  3. I'm hoping this thread will cover off two or maybe three things; 1: How to rebuild a Velvet Drive 71c 2: One way to increase the torque capacity of a Velvet Drive 71c 3: Maybe help those who are having issues with their Velvet Drive diagnose the issue. Before I get started, a bit of background. I'm in the process of building a new engine for my old Skier, the torque output of this new engine will be far higher then the original Ford 351 that was in the boat. I'm sure some of you are thinking why doesn't he just buy a 72C and slap it in there? I have a few reasons why I don'
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