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  1. Motoboarder42

    Supreme Wet Sounds Upgrade

    Yeah my 4 Rev 6's on the tower sound pretty good but I heard a boat with Rev 10's and it made me wanna step it up. Its good to know that my KS 300.2 will get me started but I'll probably still have to hold off for now. I've dumped a lot of money into this boat the past two months.
  2. Motoboarder42

    Supreme Wet Sounds Upgrade

    So it sounds like there's a tremendous gain in output and mid bass. That's just what I'm looking for, lol. I got the cabin area sounding pretty full now with the addition of bow and side cup area speakers but I'd like to step up the tower speakers for when I'm boarding or floating in the water. Unfortunately I'll probably have to wait till next season cause those Rev 10's aren't cheap, and I'm sure my Arc Audio KS 300.2 probably won't push them. Thanks for the info Wylie_tunes.
  3. Motoboarder42

    Supreme Wet Sounds Upgrade

    So how much better were the Rev 10's over the Kicker 8's ? I've been considering swapping out my 4 Rev 6's for the Rev 10's.
  4. Here's my 2003 Malibu Wakesetter VLX