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  1. I had used maguires all in one wash and wax before but it always left a film that took way more elbow grease to remove. I'll have to take a look at speed gloss.
  2. Surface prep consisted of soap and water followed by an ammonia based glass cleaner and finished off with a water only wipe down. Only issue I've had so far is my own doing. One of the seams runs along where I rest my left foot when driving, I'm going to keep an eye to make sure it doesn't move around. So no, no issues so far with the product itself, still very pleased.
  3. So between kid, dog and black gel coupled with a polished tower I struggle with water spots, even with wax and a good wipe down I was never truly satisfied. I took a chance on a product I found on amazon and couldn't be happier. I've now had the boat out a number of time after I started using this stuff and after a microfiber wipe down the boat looks freshly waxed. Product is easy to use spray on and wipe off, go behind with a second towel to bring out the shine. I've found that it works with every surface I have on the boat. I know this appears to nonsensical but to the individual who hyper focuses on water spots this stuff has shown to be a life saver.
  4. This is a simple one that I couldn't find on any of the forums. I need a fake-a-lake to allow me to diagnose audio noise that only presented itself when the boat was running, this is how I did it. I purchased all parts at home depot which consisted of the following 1.5 x 1.25 coupling 1.5 pvc 45 1.25 x 1" NPT pvc coupling 1" NPT x 1" hose barb 3' x1" clear tube I removed the outbound side from the strainer and slid the 45* over that. Next I slid the coupling with the hose barb into the 45 and attached the hose to that. Finally I filled the storage container with water and left the garden hose running. Worked well but keep in mind under throttle a garden has trouble keeping up, it's important to use a large reservoir. Disclaimer If you do this and blow your motor up its on you, I take no responsibility. This is simply what I did that worked for me.
  5. This will be more of a review with a very simple how to. The very simple how to is the beautiful part of this project, this was done in a night. I've been wanting a seadeck/gatorstep like product but not knowing how long I'm going to keep the boat I was apprehensive to drop the coin. Some digging around online I came across Melors a company based in China. I received my foam in just under two weeks and the product was/is great quality. It come with 3M backing adhesive so it's literally peel and stick, simply trim to fit with a razor knife and stick it down. For the access holes I simply started in the middle and cut it like a pizza to allow me to then cut the circle.
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