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  1. OK ran it yesterday. SUPER informative. I didn't get a chance to fill the boat yet so I can't speak to accuracy in my use case, but my butt dyno/experience suggests that the burn number is probably pretty accurate for what I'd have expected for the day. LOL seeing 13gph while surfing is pretty humbling tho!
  2. So the colors on my scangauge cable's RJ45 jack were different. I'm assuming that pin position is what's important, not wire color. so this is what I came up with... Pin ScanGauge 568B OBD-M 1 black Orange stripe B 2 orange ORANGE C 3 yellow Green stripe D 4 green BLUE 5 blue Blue stripe 6 GREEN 7 Brown stripe 8 red BROWN A UPDATE -- it works using these pin configurations. Looking forward to using on the water today.
  3. @Slurpee I just got all the stuff in the mail and came to the same conclusion. Now that said I'm a shadetree hack and need some guidance on which wire is which, assuming I use 568B standard? https://www.vns.lv/products_pictures/291112-1-3.jpg
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