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  1. Looks great. Is the round tow bar solid? Explains why Malibu had to add the navigation light to the oval tube and not integrate it into the tow swivel.
  2. I just found out about this website and I saw the post from Blytle473 about a new interior project on a 2004 23 LSV. Loved how his turned out. I was in the same boat, both literally and figuratively. I have a 2004 Wakesetter LSV that needed some interior work. The project started off with re-wrapping the dashboard parts due to vinyl extremely sun damaged. That 1st step turned into a complete overhaul of the interior. Since we love the boat and are not in a position to purchase a new one, we opted to spend the cash. Fortunate to have a friend with a heated warehouse, I decided to tear out the interior this winter. A little scary step when you are not sure who or how is going to be able to do the trim work. I located a trim shop in Lake Orion, Mi., Rod's Canvas, who was able to fit my project into his schedule. I was extremely satisfied with the work, to say the least. Dash Before: Tear out (Extremely moldy): New Dash (Change in design direction with carbon fiber and blue French stitching): Floor Repair. We decided to replace the carpet with the Infinity Woven flooring. It seemed to be the best option for quality, cost, and keeping the moisture out of the boat. Especially with all of the water that is pumped into the boat for surfing. We also decided that it was not important to have easy access to the fuel tank, so we shimmed the space with a cedar shim and laid a single layer of fiberglass between to floor and removable floor (In the event we need get to the tank, we have a plan for that. A seam in the new floor covering under the seats, allowing us to roll the material back up once the seat bases are removed. 20 minutes with a vibrating tool, and the fiberglass can be cut and the removable floor is free). Probably easier said than done. I also have extra material in case I decide to revert to the original execution as Blytle473 did. Interior - Before + a sad attempt to use paintbrush to pick interior design: Not shown in, but the cushion material was sun damaged and torn in some places, especially the cushion that everyone steps on. Final Result: Really happy with the results. The color selection was based on the newer Wakesetters. Also, the addition of stainless steel cupholders and blue LED interior lights really made the interior POP at night. I do have to re-wrap the trap door to the ballast pump since I wrapped the flooring material 90% it in the wrong direction (not too noticeable in person, but really shows up in the pictures). The other option I am toying with is to make the trap door out of teak. I will also say that I am happy with the flooring material. it feels good, dries easily, and looks fresh.
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