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  1. I don't know, when we started the project we ran with the "OBD-M" and determined that it _should_ be J1939. From there it was just a decision to cut the cable on the ScanGaugeD to see if we could get anything useful from the data on the bus and we lucked out. I happened to have the ScanGaugeD since I was going to use it my VW TDI, but using it in the boat was much more useful. I would suggest the first step is figuring out if/where the OBD-M connector is in your boat, and from there try to identify what protocol it uses for communication. The guys at obd2allinone.com are very helpful too, their website (or a phone call) should be able to help you determine what protocol your MEFI controller uses and you can go from there.
  2. here are the pictures I promised, showing the wire going through the same bracket that holds the 12" display in place:
  3. @Slurpee That looks great! I'll have to post some pictures of my install too (the pictures in the writeup are from @Y-Naut-Ski's boat; formerly 21VLXSkiier) I unbolted the starboard 12" display mount and ran the CAT5 through the same space as the LVDS cable, then used velcro to hold it to the bottom of the 12" display. If my son's baseball game is rained out (in May!) I'll go get some pictures and post them...
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