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  1. Cervelorod

    Pop Up Pylon Modification

    Great reverse engineer! Do you have any concern about the bolt threads wearing against the Aluminum pylon? Rod
  2. Cervelorod

    Transom Vent Covers 2.0

    I don't know why I have been obsessed with these transom vent covers, but I have. Took my CNC design and re-did it for a 3D print. They came out great and I have a lot more flexibility with them. I'll get some pictures of the installed shortly...
  3. Cervelorod

    Adding a tablet to the dash for music/video

    Do you find that a lot of bass is cut off using Bluetooth? Both of my stereos with Bluetooth really cut the lower frequencies off. you might look at Ram mounts. I use the suction cup ones in my airplane and they would work very well in a boat rod
  4. Cervelorod

    Vent covers

    It is 6061 Aluminum. I tried my hand at anodizing some and the results were so varied I dropped that project.. I will probably paint them matte black until I have enough pieces to go to the powdercoater. Rod
  5. Cervelorod

    Vent covers

    I always hated the black plastic honeycomb covers on the transom vents on my 90 Skier. I designed these and bought way to much tooling for my CNC, but I think these came out really well. I mounted them in the raw while I decide if I want to polish or paint or powdercoat. They are not all exactly level as I tried to use the existing holes and the plastic ones were not true ?. I need to redo my grab bar, but want to wait until the end of the season to pull that out.