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  1. I do the same thing. That pylon is great for that until someone keesters it! Im gonna have to see if this is possible on my boat. I’d like to get one of those vest hanger racks for the tower. Probably end up making one.
  2. I wanted to add an update to this write up as the screen that came with the Groco strainer is too fine and can cause the engine to overheat beacause of water restriction in certain lakes. I had an issue with it clogging up on me which prompted the search for a different screen. My friend has an RZ2 with a Sherwood strainer in it and the screen is not nearly as fine. I swapped the screens between our systems. They are interchangeable so I ordered a Sherwood screen online. The cheapest I could find one was at Pumpagents.com for $29 to my door. You could sub the Groco out with a Sherwood st
  3. Jetdriver


    That. Is. Awesome.
  4. Swim deck LEDs are tits!
  5. That is awesome! Now I gotta figure out a way to wire my table, thanks a lot
  6. Hello fellow boating enthusiasts! I recently pieced together a raw water strainer/flusher for my 2007 22VE. Although my specific build was tailored to fit a specific space in my boat the procedure would be very similar in any boat. I started by figuring out a rough idea of the design/functionality I was after and then looked around my boat for a good location that would involve minimal hard turns for the hosing and obstructions to other parts of the engine/trany/drive/etc. I wanted to have a strainer but also wanted to incorporate a place to attach a garden hose so I didn't have to crawl unde
  7. Nice work man! I've been contemplating doing the same thing in my 07 TIGE' 22VE. I'm also thinking about dekadence for interior flooring but I definitely like this stuff for my swim step and walkway. Please post again this fall about the durability of the product. Thanks!
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