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  1. In for giveaway #3, thanks Glide! 2007 Centurion Typhoon It's been a looooooong Winter of upgrades since I bought this last September. Upgrades include new interior and Aqua Marine Deck platform pad replacement, 1600gph ballast pumps, 1300lb ballast bags in the rear, Sideswipe exhaust conversion to a homemade FAE-style system, Acme 1619 prop, added a stereo battery and the Blue Seas ACR and battery switch, added 3 amps, 2x12" subs and a WS EQ, replacing a bunch of broken stuff like the blower, tower amp, hatch struts and all of the ballast drain pumps. Oh and of course automated surfgates. Still to do this Spring is a wetsand and buff. No current pics but here's what she looked like last Fall:
  2. yeah trying to rack more boards without having to pay ~$180 for a cheapo double-wakesurf rack, without looking too cheesy. those look nice actually, if they seem like they can handle a little abuse from waves---i have to think so if they are designed to be on ATV's that are constantly being beat on worse than my boat would be. this one actually looks cool since it rotates and could mount boards up/down rather than sideways, so i might lean this direction and see how it looks before buying multiples: https://www.kolpin.com/rhino-grip-xl-utv-mount how does the construction of the ones you got feel? surf boards are <10lbs in most cases so i'm not so much worried about weight as how they would hold up to 35mph (tops) wind speeds on the water.
  3. really cool idea. how stretchy are the straps that it comes with? i'm looking to do something similar but for surf boards, but those straps don't look like they're long enough.
  4. @TimbrSS did you do a writeup for that? i know of a few guys that are trying to do the same.
  5. he has a company, https://hyperryddesigns.com/ might be able to contact him easier through there.
  6. Thank you for all of your time in the diy Arduino controller. I don't see EEROM in the library is it listed under another name ? what would you charge to program the ARDUINO for me if I can't get this going 

  7. yes a 3.5" round weld-on end is perfect, because i'll be welding a single 3.5" tube to it rather than duals like you did. 12" long is great and I can trim from the top if needed, and the outlet end the same shape as yours as well, or if it's easier to do a straight angled cut on the outlet that's perfectly fine as well.
  8. The 3.5” formed down pipe would be awesome because I’m sure it will be hard to get an exhaust or fab shop around here to make that exact piece.
  9. great work! did you make that hydraulic press shaper to narrow the down tube just for this project? if they're easy enough to reproduce just the narrowed downpipe i would gladly pay you for it. i'm converting my centurion sideswipe exhaust to a single rear outlet (4" downtubes to 3.5" exit) and am not looking forward to having to shop around to my local exhaust shops to have that downpipe done.
  10. sent ya a PM in case you are able to make me one of these..
  11. i have a GPS coming that will be delivered today and i should know if it's working by tomorrow as well. jhartt, on the GPS i'm using here, it has external male pins so all you need is a female/female jumper pins from the board to the GPS and you're good to go with no soldering.
  12. tested on my board and working great! i'll order up a GPS and test that in my car once it comes in, to make sure speed input and everything is working. i also found a better rotary encoder than the ones i previously used, which had always seemed to crap out easily so i don't trust them in a marine environment. jon had also said his testers had the same problem with the rotarys working reliably. i'll order one of these and see if it works better: https://www.digikey.com/en/videos/p/panasonic/waterproof-encoder great job justin!
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