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  1. Hello again, another small repair fix from my side: Problem: Morse throttle panel/lever feels loose Steps: disassembling Morse unit, take off the cables and the little messing pins Findings: In the picture you can hardly see that the leaf spring is broken, the leaf spring is pushing a little drum into unit for neutral, gear in forward and gear in back. If the spring is broken, the feel tension in the lever is coming loose.-( The second picture shows you the pin off the wear after 800h. Especially the gas pin wears out much more than the gear/clutch pin.
  2. Hi all, at the moment I am starting a lot of small projects on my boat. I am Daniel From Germany (sorry for my english :-))and I bought last year my first Malibu Sunsetter. Now I am adding some additional things to get a wakesetter set up. Now I like to share my first little project or change on the boat. Malibu Sunsetter LXI with an Mercruiser MPI MAG 350 Engine, Velvet 1:1 Drive. 1. Check the room between elbow exhaust and engine block or gearbox 2. Check exhaust hose at the transom If this is like my than the exhaust is vibrating on the engine. Bad if is wearing off
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