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  1. That install was less than fun - I got lucky and I need my driver side panel remounted anyways - so I installed the switch right where the mount is to hide the temp fix. i measures 90 times and cut/mounted once - but my starboard side is still a bit lower and about 1/2” out of the swim deck ... port side is exactly where I wanted it. My tabs seem to extend further than OP, but maybe I don’t have them tucked up far enough. The control panel required some righteous holes - and a mess - putting them where I did I had to drill three 1.25” holes and a 3/8” hole into the fiberglass behind the drivers side panel, what a mess!!!! I appreciate the beefiness if everything - but believe there could be some improvement to the scale of those connectors to give more install location flexibility. Pigtails off the control panel instead of plugs into the control panel would have also be 10X more easier The blue tooth app doesn’t work for Jack, I’d love if it did. water test tomorrow but won’t have all ballast done tomorrow - so will be a mini test FullSizeRender.mov IMG_1689.MOV
  2. My kit came with 101XDS... I'm having hell getting things setup to my liking on this '05 VLX hull - really wish I had gotten (and used) the spacer instead of trimming the hinge. I'm sure once I get the mounting locations dialed in i'll progress quicker - I need another set of hands to help (the tabs are bulky/heavy), so going to pause for now until my son can come help.
  3. Thanks! That’s a lot of weight... we’re hoping to not have to put as much weight up front with the GSA. Currently we have stock rear, center tanks - 700 piggy backs integrated in each rear corner (I have ordered 810 from wake makers) , a 300 plug and fill under front seat, and two additional 400’s we can move around. Plus dual 1100 cca batteries, three amps, subs, and usually 5 or more ppl. Which prop do you run for that setup?
  4. Thank you for this post & pics... just started install for an ‘05 VLX (same hull as yours), and your tip on hacking the hinges saved me wasted time waiting for support to reply
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