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  1. They’re considerable larger than the 88lb/min stock I had so I build this little mount for them to hide behind the back panel. I planned on doing a post when I finished but I had an exhaust valve stick and bend about 10 hours after break in. Im rebuilding the top end again in the water and that’s been taking my time this week. I love boats.
  2. Nice install. I ran 1.5” suctions and split the discharges to two 1 inch because of the bag connections not being able to have 1.5s yet. It’s scary how much water these move. I bought 35 amp pop fuses I got from Amazon. They’ve been drawing about 26amps each. The OEM relays were 35 so I am going to see if this will hold. I got a bunch of pvc fittings from grainger affordable too if you end up doing the other side.
  3. Fantastic work. If you ever sell one of these I’d probably buy one. I just swapped my mefi 4a for a 5. And I thought that was a decent amount of research into I/O’s, this is next level, Love the look!
  4. That’s a huge help, thank you!! If you need any random parts for your boat I have a Spare parts boat 2006 x30 that I’m taking parts from, a lot should fit if you need to find stock parts
  5. Very well detailed, the step by step procedures will really help someone who isn’t as comfortable around wrenches take this project on. I have an 06 x30 with a used horrible trailer I’ll be doing the same to, as well as the a whole rebuild to the boat, do you have a parts list for your conversion? I’d love to order these up.
  6. They look fantastic! Im about to gut my x30 for an overhaul; Any chance you would be interesting in making and selling me a set?
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