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  1. When you receive the system is there any chance you would take measurements of the tabs? I’m looking to duplicate the GSA tabs and use the controller documented here in other threads.
  2. I wrote this up to share what I found to be the best methods and to save others time in tackling the same project and give some confidence going in to it. This is definitely a winter project as you don't want to rush the final product of the fit/finish of the fabrication parts.
  3. The ports are for heater pull out hot tubes. They are not part of the sub box. It is a sealed 1.3 cu ft box with no porting.
  4. Like many Malibu boats from the mid 2000's the chrome on my gauge bezels, glovebox door and emblems was pitted and peeling. I hated the appearance and fixing it was easier and cheaper than I expected. I removed the gauge bezel, glove box panel and emblems from the boat over the winter and dropped them off at Industrial coatings in Omaha, NE. The glovebox door was originally chrome as well but I never liked the look and decided to go with black gloss powdercoat instead to create some contrasting color. Chrome on alumimum is just a bad idea from Malibu due to the metalurgical
  5. I purchased a Wetsounds 10" subwoofer to replace the factory Rockford Fosgate sub that was over 10 years old. The factory enclosure was HDPE and not at all sealed and much too small in air space. The sub specs said it needed 1.3 Cu ft. I measured the under dash area at the back (against the heater) and at the front. For simplicity and because I only needed 1.3 cuft I decided to make a more standard shaped box and then use a faceplate to fill out the front area. I also wanted to integrate heater tubes for the driver and passengers in to the faceplate. I built the box from 3/4" MDF and the
  6. My wife and I purchased our boat used from an owner who lived on a sand bottom lake. The carpet was brown with dirt/sand after 10 years of use. Even after significant time spent cleaning to get most of the dirt out we were still unhappy with the matted down worn out carpet that held water and dirt much too easily. Over the winter we decided to commit and tackle this project. I started researching over the winter, having early conversations and pricing from the Gatorstep sales rep and adding up the costs to do the project. As soon as the temps in the garage reached about 50 I started in on it.
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