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    HDPE Teak...

    This Mod achieves 3 things: 1. I cut 2" off both edges and rounded the outer corners to reduce digging into wave. 2. The 1/8" HDPE mounted on the bottom of the swim platform eliminates the lip on the bottom of the platform reducing turbulent water flow 3. The 1/8 HDPE also makes the bottom very smooth and slippery speeding up good water flow
  2. wet2ward

    Adjustable Universal Surf Gate

    I think pics are self explanatory. I works very well, but is a bit of a pain to attach. I am not convinced that adjustable if necessary as it does not seem to make much difference. You can get the suction cup from Woods Power Grip in the US or Princess Auto in Canada, the rest is from a local plastics store and home improvement store. I tried a Mission Delta device the other day and it worked just as well and is nice and compact...