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  1. After seeing the new side pulls integrated into the tower on the newer supras I decided I wanted some. Tired of pulling up new surfers and watching them flail around in the center of the wake and faceplant coming off the wave! The FXone has mounts on both sides for board racks which is the place that the factory ones go so I used the same. A little measuring and a little design time and I came up with this: Chop up some aluminum and start making chips: And finished product: Now to decide whether to powder them white like the tower or leave them raw and
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  2. Hey guys, first post I’ve ever made here so I’ll make it as painless as possible. I’ve owned a 24v for three years now to get into surfing, I noticed the swim deck dragging in the water like many before me. My swim deck also had a broken edge from the original owner backing in to his garage with it. I decided I wanted the swim platform to be a big as possible because that’s where my three year old loves to play. So I opted to trim the lip off the bottom and make it “smooth” instead of altering the shape. My gel coat and carpet were in rough shape as well. I don’t have the best before pics.So
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  3. This Moomba came in with a very fresh interior which included both vinyl and carpet and a new tower and bimini. It originally had a single battery and no switch, standard single DIN head with marine cover, 4 in-boat speakers. New build included; Wet Sounds MC-1 for its 4-zone volume control 3 pair of Rockford 6.5" in-boat speakers Rockford 8" HLCD tower pods Rockford 12" Marine woofer Two Rockford amps; 4 chnl bridged to the tower pods and 5 chnl driving the in-boats and woofer New group-24 deep-cycle battery and dual bank switch with ACR With some ABS,
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  5. Love the newer Chromax graphics, but hated the $800 dealer price tag....a little modeling and a $200 3D printer and Boom! Not bad.
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  6. The rest of the floor would be my challenge to get to fit correctly. I didn’t get any pictures but I bought some clear plastic sheeting at the hardware store and cut it small enough to fit in the boat and then traced the pieces I’d need for the floor. Much like the templates Gator step or whoever. I took a chance and started cutting after I made sure I would have enough to make another if I needed. I also cut on the big side and trimmed inside the boat. This is where I wish I routed the edges and where the 2 pieces meet up. I was too impatient and wanted to get it down While I had a warm day a
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  7. Love the raised mat you put in the rear compartments. Will remember that if I decide to pull carpet out of my rear hatches. I planned on doing SeaDek in those rear hatches, but I like this as it's more durable and removable when it inevitably gets dirty. Great write up!
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  8. Having been a surfer (ocean) for years, the cost of these wakesurf boards blows my mind.
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  9. Unfortunately @D_Turner hasn't been on in almost two years, I'm thinking we're out of luck on updates.
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