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  2. Cdubb77

    Stealth Surf Pipe (center exit)

    That looks awesome !!
  3. Rugger

    Surfgates - 2002 Malibu 21’ VLX Wakesetter

    Nice! Love it. You’ve got a tricky transom shape but pulled it off nicely
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  5. Big thanks to everyone at the wake garage, after seeing all the completed surfgate projects I figured it was time to upgrade my system this year. Last year I had made a suck gate that worked pretty good for the first couple times out, but then it decided to quit sucking. It would work for a run or two then fall off. I first taped off the boat and lined up the outside edges. The transom isn’t flat, but there is about 8” tall area that fit the hinges I used the fast Lenco actuators and HDPE I had picked up from a local plastic supplier. It was $20 for two 1’x2’ sheets of 3/4”. If I had to do it again I’d use 1/2”. The 3/4” made a nice substantial gate, but it caused me to make the gap between the hinges and boat wider then I would have liked. I ended up using a router to round over the edge so it wouldn’t get hung up. I don’t have the room for a table saw, so to make a nice straight cut I use a straight edge clamped to the board as a guide. I also used a router on all the edges after I got to the final shape I wanted. To line up the actuator, I used a 90 degree angle to find the centerline of the hinges. I used a scrap piece of HDPE to raise the swim platform ¾”. I’m still a week or two out from automating the gates with an Arduino controller, but for now I’ve set it up with manual switches.
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