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    Evolution to Monster MTK Tower

    We love the MTK here are some of our before and afters:
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  5. @Pizzano163 @01sunsettervlx make sure you don't forget to post in the gallery either. Member Boats 'N Wakes thanks!
  6. @henrik don't forget to create an album and post a picture in Members Boats 'N Wakes
  7. Wylie_Tunes

    Evolution to Monster MTK Tower

    That is the bimini from Monster, but its actually made for them, but now I cant remember the name on the tag.
  8. This boat came into the shop with only a single battery but two ON/OFF switches. As we dug into the project, it seemed that this boat did at one time, have a 2nd battery. Somewhere along the line, it was consolidated to a single battery, which happen to be a deep cycle. Even then, the twin ON/OFF switch was a strange configuration, even back in 07. Dual bank switches are not new by any means. We removed the old twin switches and installed a new Blue Sea 1/2/BOTH/OFF switch. Removed some of the extra, unneeded cabling. Relocated ALL the B+ load supplies to the switch output. Built new 1/0ga ground link cable between the banks and a new 1/0 B+ supply from the battery to the switch. New group 24 box and Interstate marine cranking battery. One main switch turns the boat off when out of use. Operator can decide which bank to draw from, whether cruising or at anchor. One bank can always be kept isolated in reserve and both banks can be charged while the engine is running.
  9. The 07 Centurion Avalanche has a 3 hard tank setup that uses a common impeller pump to fill each tank through a set of 3 sprinkler valves. First step was to remove the engine dividers and engine hatch supports. Remove the hard tank covers and hard tanks. Remove the sprinkler valve assembly and all the fill, drain and vent hosing. Reroute belly tank fill hose from sprinkler valve to outlet of original impeller fill pump. Cut to length and connect to pump. Beyond this, everything else remains as is for the belly tank. Faster fill rate now with the original fill pump dedicated to the belly tank. We recycled the hard tank covers and built covers for the side swipe exhaust. This concealed them, created a divider between the exhaust and sacs and provided a perfect spot to mount the 2 new pumps. New plumbing required a new thru-hull setup for one rear pump and a T off the original for the belly and one rear pump. The hard tanks had a drain and vent thru-hulls. We capped one and retained the other as a vent for the new sac. New .75" hose for the vent lines and 1" hose for the fill/drain lines. New 12/2 cable run from each new pump to the helm for the pump electrical. 2 new DPDT Carling switches for the new rear reversible pumps, but retained the original switch actuators. 10GA inline fuse holders and 30A fuse connected to the helm BUS supply. Switch ground to helm ground BUS supply.
  10. Rugger

    Evolution to Monster MTK Tower

    Nice work on this. That tower looks great as well on that boat. So is that a Monster Bimini as well? We swapped towers on my boat as well... took some work but worth it in the end. Thanks for posting this
  11. So we pulled the original Evolution tower and installed a new Monster MTK tower w/swivel ranks and bimini. We made use of a couple if the exposed holes from the old tower, with the front tower feet and anchor light fitting. Tower placed placement was key. The old tower swooped back, the new tower swoops forward. We needed the bimini to give good coverage of the main cabin, yet try not to move the tower tow point too much from its original center of gravity. This required moving the "Centurion" gunwale plates back about 6" and re-drilling a few new holes.
  12. 2011 Super Air Nautique Team Edition (SANTE) 210
  13. McCannLand

    2011 SANTE 210

    2011 Super Air Nautique Team Edition 210
  14. kidkris

    1990 Ski Nautique

  15. Jimmy100

    100 Proof Ink

  16. Raisin' Cain


    Thank you sir! Sounds pretty awesome too!
  17. cocacola

    Stevo's 2002 VLX

  18. 2002 Malibu Wakesetter VLX . Under going full boat and trailer resto..
  19. Mbski

    MB Slappers

    Slapppp iiiitttt!
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